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About Gillian Rosenquist

Hello, I'm Gillian Rosenquist, and I want to represent you in the City Council.

I am a lawyer turned homemaker who has lived in Golden Valley for 11 years. My husband Jeff is President of his family business Rosenquist Construction Inc. and we have 3 wonderful sons: Ben, Jonah and Owen who go to Meadowbrook.

I am running for City Council because I bring an independent voice with a passion to connect and engage people and communities.   I believe that I can help bring residents and businesses together and develop new partnerships to enhance Golden Valley without breaking our budget.

Top Priorities:

  1. Transit Connections.
  2. Regarding the Bottineau LRT line plans, I am already a highly involved resident and a representative on behalf of the Open Space Commission.  On Council, I will continue to be an advocate for Golden Valley in all regional transit planning while pursuing the development of types we believe will best serve our residents such as increased and improved bike connections; safe routes for the differently-abled and pedestrians; bus service; and better-circulating traffic routes.

  3. Housing Choices
  4. As the economy picks up and developers come calling, we have a balancing act of creating housing for our diversifying population: those who want traditional homes and lots which those who want or need multi-unit living.  I believe we can grow neighborhoods with a variety of choices while keeping our sense of community.

  5. Taxes and the Budget
  6. Creative thinking; partnerships with private businesses, non-profits, school districts and regional entities like park districts and the County; and the remodeling of current facilities will help keep our community vital and the quality of City services high without over-extending our budget.

  • J.D. William Mitchell College of Law
  • B.A. University of Washington, Seattle
  • Minneapolis Southwest High School
Community Involvement
  • Open Space and Recreation Commission
  • Bottineau LRT Advisory Policy Committee
  • League of Women Voters
  • Meadowbrook Elementary School Volunteer: PTO Executive Board; Silent Auction Committee; Carnival organizer.
  • Minnesota United for All Families
  • MOMS Club of Golden Valley-8 years in various leadership roles
  • Robbinsdale Area Schools Vote Yes Communications Committee 2007

Gillian is my "go-to" person for all things Golden Valley. Whether it's Open Spaces, Education or just plain community fun, Gillian is passionate about her city and would be a tremendous asset to the City Counsel."

Therese Tennessen
"I firmly believe in supporting local businesses."

Pictured with Kathryn Simpson, owner of The Beauty Lab in Golden Valley and Golden Valley resident

If Elected

I'm Gillian Uecker Rosenquist and I would like to represent you on the Golden Valley City Council.

Why Gillian?

  • A passion for connecting communities and engaging people
  • An independent, non-partisan voice
  • Legal background
  • Years of involvement in Golden Valley organizations and programs

If elected, I will:

  • Stay engaged in regional plans to ensure that Golden Valley's voice is represented
  • Connect communities with safe routes, gathering spaces, neighborhood engagement
  • Draw upon the wonderful and deep business, arts and leadership community we have living and working in Golden Valley to bring more art, unique development and special events to our area in fiscally-reasonable ways.
  • Use my passion for community and connectivity to deal with the issues of today while laying the foundation for the Golden Valley of tomorrow.
  • Be a budget watchdog to make sure that we are being responsible with our spending and planning.
  • Use citizen input from neighborhood meetings, the Envision Golden Valley report, surveys, resident comments, etc. to make Golden Valley the home and workplace we know and want it to be.  We want to respect our traditional neighborhoods while developing housing, transit and shopping options for all generations and our increasingly diverse community.

My positions on the issues:

Bottineau Light Rail Planning

As a resident of Northeast Golden Valley, I have been involved with this process for some time. I hosted a neighborhood meeting of over 50 people and most of the City Council at my home over a year ago about this; joined the Bottineau LRT Policy Advisory Committee; attended open houses and read reports.

I am committed to being a voice for Golden Valley in this process, despite our well-founded reservations about the Met Council's choice of route and concerns about the impact on our parks. If LRT goes through, the City of Golden Valley must be prepared for either station and capitalize on the possibilities it may bring.

I hope to work with all levels of government to bring better transit alternatives—be they bus, bike, rail, or trail-- for all our residents throughout the city and region.

City Budget

A recent survey shows the high level of resident satisfaction with our City services. The recent levy increase approved by the Council maintains those services from brush pick-up to prompt plowing to excellent communications. Our City has a AAA bond rating and is considered well-managed and fiscally-responsible. Continued prudent management and creative partnerships with businesses, other regional entities such as Three Rivers Park District; neighboring cities; school districts and citizen groups can produce vital developments at responsible investment levels.

Trash Collection

As the mother of small children on a street with no sidewalks, I am not a big fan of smelly, fast-moving garbage trucks and would love to see as few of them on our streets as possible. But right now, a slim majority of our residents prefer a choice in haulers and our Council has respected that. However, this issue should be revisited in a few years, especially as more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly haulers become available.

Brookview Community Center and our Parks
Cooperative Regional Partners:

I am excited for the new cooperative effort between Three Rivers Park District and the cities of Robbinsdale and Golden Valley for programming in Mary Hills Park and the Rice Lake Nature Area in my neighborhood. This is the type of cooperative and creative effort I hope to lead in Golden Valley.

Parks as Gathering Places

Our parks can be gathering spaces day and night. Remodeled shelters can support programming for active adults and young children during the day; teens in the afternoons and all generations on weekends and in the evenings. Safe connections in the forms of trails, bike lanes and improved sidewalks can connect us and support physical activity. Initiatives to maintain our parks in ways that are environmentally-friendly and manage drainage and flooding should be developed and encouraged.

Increased Art and Music

I hope to lead a group of community leaders to work with surrounding arts organizations to bring more art into our parks and community.

Brookview Community Center

Brookview has proved to be a wonderful gathering place and space for programs, as well as a clubhouse for golfers. But compared to neighboring cities, our Brookview Community Center is outdated and small. If we want more programming; a place to rent for our parties and events; and a golf center which can generate more revenue, we need to invest in an improved Community Center. Our residents are hesitant to increase taxes to do this, so the Council must lead with creative ideas and resident guidance to find a solution that will work for us for the next 40 years.

City Development

New building along the 394 corridor and in the Turners Crossroad neighborhood and the Douglas Drive Corridor Project set for 2016 will be major changes to our City. The City Council must work closely with our residents; the Met Council, Hennepin County to manage the changes wisely.

Voting Info


»Click Here to find the full details about voting in Golden Valley.

»Click Here to find out where your polling place is at the Secretary of State Poll finder website.

Golden Valley is divided into 8 precincts:
  • Precinct 1a - NE Fire Station, 3700 Golden Valley Rd
  • Precinct 2a - Valley Presbyterian Church, 3100 North Lilac Dr
  • Precinct 3c - Meadowbrook School, 5430 Glenwood Ave
  • Precinct 4 - LOGIS, 5750 Duluth St
  • Precinct 5c - SE Fire Station, 400 Turners Crossroad S
  • Precinct 6 - Golden Valley City Hall, 7800 Golden Valley Rd
  • Precinct 7b - Sandburg School, 2400 Sandburg Lane *New Location
  • Precinct 8b - Brookview Community Center, 200 Brookview Parkway

Click Here for the Golden Valley Precinct city map


Absentee voting is available for those who cannot get to their polling place on Election Day due to:
  • absence from the precinct
  • illness or disability
  • religious observance
  • service as an election judge in another precinct
To vote by absentee ballot, you must:
  • be an eligible voter
  • be a resident of the election precinct indicated by your legal residence address
  • not intend to abandon this residence before election day
Absentee Voting Hours:

Location: Golden Valley City Hall, 2nd floor, 7800 Golden Valley Rd

  • Monday-Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm
  • Saturday, Nov 3, 10 am – 3 pm
  • Monday, Nov 5, 8 am – 5pm

Out-going City Council Members DeDe Scanlan & Paula Pentel Proudly Support Gillian for City Council!
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